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Bane Clene


We only use Bane Clene equipment. This truck mounted system allows all the equipment to stay in the truck. We bring our own clean pre-treated water and all dirty water goes through the hoses to the truck.  There is no need for emptying dirty water in your home. In cases of high rise buildings, we are able to remove the machine and bring it in the building.  All water however, still stays in the hoses.  


This hot water extraction system, No brushes or harsh chemicals.  

The Bane Clene system allows us to carefully monitor the machine water pressure, temperature and PH of the cleaning agents.  We'll leave the carpet soft with brighter color, and better able to withstand soiling.  


Bane Clene system also allows for 95% of the moisture to be recovered decreasing your carpet drying time.  To assist in speeding up drying time: Make sure the room is ventilated, there must be air flow for the carpet to dry.  Do not close off the room. Dehumidifiers or air conditioning lower humidity and help the drying process.  Portable fans, ceiling fans, air conditioning fans, or furnace blowers may also be used to speed up drying.