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Prior to our services ( carpet cleaning/furniture cleaning)

Before we arrive

There are some things that you may do to assist in making your experience as smooth and quick as possible. 

1. Parking - although we do have the ability to reach fairly long distances, it is best to park closet to the area we will be cleaning, please save us a parking place.

2. Please remove any small furniture (we  can help with this if needed) 

3. Breakable items must be removed from the area being cleaned or off of furniture you need assistance in moving.

4. If you have long drapes/curtains or furniture skirts please pin these up away from the carpet.

5. Please perform regular vacuuming prior to our arrival. 

6. Plan for us to clean around heavy furniture such as piano's, entertainment centers or curio/china cabinets, if it is not safe we are not able to move it. 

What NOT to do

After we leave

(carpet cleaning)

 There are some tips to help keep your newly cleaned carpet looking clean.

1. Avoid foot traffic, even pets, from walking on freshly cleaned carpet until completely dry. If you must walk on the carpet, make sure you have clean shoes on or remove your shoes. 

2. While carpet is damp, keep the drapes/curtains and furniture skirts up off the carpet.

3. Do not close the doors to rooms with damp carpet, this slows the drying time and may cause a damp odor.

4. Leave all protective tabs or blocks under the furniture until the carpet is completely dry.  Removal of these may cause wood finish to pull into the damp carpet fibers and permanently stain.